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I love FantAsia!!!

I love FantAsia!!! The first time I tried it was at your MacArthur Central Store and I have never looked back. When I found out there was a North Lakes store coming I was super excited! The freshness…The taste…The serving sizes…The price…The Service…Fantastic!!!!! I have so far converted my parents who love the Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup; my husband who loves the Beef and Pepper Gyoza; my children love the Spring Rolls, Bbq Pork Buns and the Silky Honey Crumble. Myself….how can i put just one thing…it is all so yummy. I love the Bbq Pork Buns, Gyoza, your soups and especially the Honey and Lemongrass Tea.

Anyway…thank you for such a great product and here’s to many more years!!!!

Thank you