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highest quality fresh ingredients

If you are looking for high quality Asian food in the city, cooked on demand with very little waiting and at a very reasonable price, it is hard to go past FantAsia.

I am a regular customer of their outlet on the first floor food court at MacArthur Central. FantAsia serves modern pan-Asian food with a clear heritage from traditional South East Asian cuisines like Malaysian, Vietnamese and Thai and Cantonese.  The menu range is not huge but there is more than enough variety to eat there regularly and what they do, they do very well indeed!

Here is why I find myself having lunch at FantAsia at least two or three times every week:

·  The food is simply delicious;

·  They use only the highest quality fresh ingredients – I have never been disappointed with a meal at FantAsia;

·  The food is cooked on demand but is ready within a couple of minutes;

·  For such quality, the prices are crazy – you can get a substantial meal for $10 or less; and

·  The staff are delightful, definitely the friendliest food service in town!

Do yourself a favour and make sure you try FantAsia just once.  If you do, you are bound to become just as hooked as I am!


Bob Bunnett