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fresh and full of flavour

Put simply, FantAsia is fantastic. The food is always fresh and full of flavour. In fact, one thing that really stands out about FantAsia is the breadth of tantalising flavours across the range of dishes on the menu. I am a huge fan of the Hanoi Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, which achieves just the right balance of spice and flavour. It is also packed full of healthy vegetables. The Penang Chicken Curry and Chicken and Prawn Laksa also excel in achieving this finely tuned balance. The BBQ pork is simply amazing.

Sambal lovers will not go past the tangy in-house sambal prepared fresh every day. Over and above the great food, the meals are very well priced and provide great value for lunch or dinner. Along with the friendly service, the outstanding food and value keep my work colleagues and I coming back time and time again.  I just can’t recommend FantAsia highly enough.

Carl Windhorst