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best I’ve tasted in any food establishment

Once a week I treat myself to buying a lunch, always at FantAsia. Since discovering the Steamed Chicken with Ginger and Shallot Pesto, I usually have that meal, with rice. The pesto is the best I’ve tasted in any food establishment.

Today I was offered a super rice mix instead of plain white rice. It included wild rice and sunflower seeds. Since I prefer to have brown rice I thought I’d try the mix.

The meal is normally substantial enough that I’ll eat half and keep the rest for the following lunch. Today, with the super rice, I forgot to stop.

It was delicious. The rice wasn’t as heavy as the normal white rice and complimented the steamed chicken and the sweetness of the pesto. I cannot remember a takeaway meal I have enjoyed more.

I will be back later this week for another serving.

Catrin Pitt