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Always fresh and put together with good ingredients and thought

I wanted to pass on a few words of praise and endorsement for the way in which FantAsia is run. I have been a customer of Fantasia for a few years now, predominantly at the MacArthur Central location. I used to be a partner in a silver service restaurant in Melbourne, so I do know about food quality, customer service and good will.

If MacArthur Central FantAsia is a template for all the other FantAsia outlets, then well done to the owners. The food is not over priced ; is always fresh and put together with good ingredients and thought. The staff are knowledgeable, attentive and courteous. And yes, even though it is true that the FantAsia stores are fast food outlets, for me personally I find it’s the little things that set them apart from the usual A-typical outlets such as the moulded containers for their Bundle specials; the fact that their meals are not 95% rice and 5% product like the majority of Asian outlets; even down to the round cardboard containers that, for example, I got today when I ordered chicken wings – I hadn’t noticed before but the lids on the round containers actually have a double perforated top that allows steam to escape and that, of course, means that by the time you get back to the office, the chicken wings, spring rolls etc are still lovely and crisp and not the soggy mess of other outlets.

Whatever vision the owners / directors of FantAsia have for their stores, just keep looking in that direction because it serves you well and does set you apart from the rest – well done.

Thank you