Tasty, Healthy Fast Food with FantAsia


When it comes to finding a quick lunch in the city that doesn’t add inches to the waistline, options can sometimes be few and far between.

Judy Wong, owner of FantAsia, is pioneering the way with three CBD food court locations and a Garden City store that allows customers to enjoy tasty flavours of Asia courtesy of nutritious dishes – prepared fresh and in a flash.

She invited a gaggle of the Style staff (namely photographer Myles Secomb, sales rep Riria (Ree) Taukamo, intern Liz Penrose and myself) for a late lunch one Friday to sample their delicious fare at their MacArthur store.

And what a treat it was!

Judy brought out some delicious iced lemongrass and ginger teas followed by plate after plate of dishes that took us on a tour around various parts of Asia.

We started with steamed dim sims, pan-fried gyozas and delicious chicken wings coated in a tapioca crumb.

All freshly made with real ingredients, these were lip-smackingly good, and they disappeared mere moments before the next lot of dishes arrived.

Next it was off to Japan (Tokyo beef with rice), Hong Kong (steamed chicken with ginger and shallot pesto) and Vietnam (Saigon lemongrass chicken with rice noodles).

The Tokyo beef was delicious – rich and hearty and very satisfying. My pick of the lot was the Saigon lemongrass chicken. Super fresh and flavoursome, it took me right back to my Vietnamese holiday I had in December – all I needed was a glass of freshly brewed Bia Hoi!

The steamed chicken was also a hit. Served atop their tasty ‘SuperRice’, it makes a meal that satiates and is full of the good stuff – low GI, high fibre, made from sunflower seeds, and a combo of red, wild and basmati rice. It was the perfect late lunch for me – I was able to line my stomach pre-Broncos game at Suncorp Stadium that night, meaning I was able to successfully avoid meat pies, hot chips and hot dogs!

These guys are also a great option for your catering needs and sure to help you get the deal sealed, signed and delivered at your next business meeting!

I plan to expand my travels the next time I visit and try their tempting wonton and noodle soups.

Check them out in the CBD at The Myer Centre, MacArthur Central and Wintergarden as well as in the lower level food court at Garden City at Mt Gravatt.

– Style Magazines, April 23, 2013