deLites Taster Pack

A perfect choice when you can’t decide. A mouthwatering selection of FantAsia deLites including: 2 x Steamed Dim Sims, 1 x Pan Fried Gyoza, 1 x Chinese BBQ Pork Bun, 1 x Spring Roll, 1 x Spicy Chicken Wing

Steamed Dim Sims

This is a popular Chinese open dumpling filled with pork or chicken and vegetables. Served with a little soy sauce and shallots to finish.


One of the most iconic dishes of Japan, these delicious dumplings can be steamed or pan-fried. Try the traditional pork and vegetable gyozas or something a little different – beef and black pepper. Served with the traditional garlic vinegar sauce.

Spring Rolls

This humble Chinese dish has been a staple for more than a thousand years. These golden cylinders are filled with fresh vegetables and the taste of spring.

Spicy Chicken Wings

These chicken wings are crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside and are topped with lots of spicy sprinkles.

Chinese BBQ Pork Bun

These steamed buns are a classic Cantonese comfort food filled with homemade Chinese BBQ pork.

Silky Honey Crumble

A traditional dessert made from a light egg pastry and drizzled with our special silky honey.