Introducing Super Rice


FantAsia, is now offering a delicious low GI “super rice” to cater to health conscious customers and those with strict dietary needs. The low GI rice option is a reflection of the FantAsia’s commitment to serving delicious meals based on ‘real’ and nutritious ingredients which support a balanced diet.

We want people to see us as quality Asian comfort food which can be enjoyed regularly as part of a healthy eating regime.

The waistlines of our population is growing, and being in the food industry we consider it our responsibility to empower people to make smarter choices when it comes to what they eat, particularly busy city workers who often have trouble finding fast yet healthy meals .

Our super rice is delicious in any instance, but it’s also a wonderful option for people suffering from diabetes or who are at risk of diabetes, as well as those with strict dietary requirements or who are simply seeking sustained energy.

The super rice option can be applied to any rice dish on the menu – all of which are made with superior fresh produce, packed with freshness, flavour and authenticity.

Dietitian Rachael Moore from Obesity Clinic Brisbane said foods with a lower glycaemic index were beneficial to weight control because they helped to control appetite and delay hunger.

“Low G.I. foods produce gradual rises in blood sugar and insulin levels by virtue of the fact they are absorbed and digested more slowly.  Diets based on low G.I. foods have been known to prevent common western diseases such as diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease,” she said.

It’s wonderful to see restaurants like FantAsia doing their part to support a more health conscious society, and the super rice is undeniably moreish,” she said.

Destinations from all over Asia are represented on the FantAsia menu, including a hearty and fragrant Kuta Rendang Beef with rice, a tangy Singapore Chicken and Prawn Laksa and a delicate Steamed Chicken with Ginger and Shallot Pesto from the heart of Hong Kong.

With over 40 years experience in the restaurant industry, the founders of FantAsia are passionate about the importance of providing fast, filling and healthy meals, without ever compromising on flavour or quality.


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