Healthy Choices


For those wanting to stay healthy and not put on extra kilos, eating out can be a real dilemma. Thank goodness for FantAsia’s dedication to providing real, healthy and tasty food to its customers. From the sourcing of ingredients to the careful preparation, the food is as natural as restaurant food can be and it is designed with taste and health in mind. FantAsia’s steamed barramundi with ginger and shallot pesto boasts a succulent fillet of barramundi steamed to perfection. Any of the rice dishes have the option of changing to FantAsia’s Super Rice, a unique and wholesome taste sensation that is a low G.I. and high fibre blend of grains and seeds.

Dietitian Rachael Moore from Obesity Clinic Brisbane says foods with a lower glycaemic index are beneficial to weight control because they help to control appetite and delay hunger. “It’s wonderful to see restaurants like FantAsia doing their part to support a more healthconscious society, and the Super Rice is undeniably moreish,” she says.

– Brisbane News, May 15-21, 2013