Asian Fusions

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With flavoursome, healthy dishes made from the freshest ingredients, FantAsia is changing Brisbane’s perception of food court dining.

Food court cuisine is usually synonymous with greasy, processed and often unhealthy options. But what makes FantAsia different is that it’s none of these things – instead, it is authentic Asian cuisine at its finest.

Judy Wong and her family have restaurant hospitality in their dnA, spending a lifetime perfecting their three principles of hospitality – quality, service and value. FantAsia was formed in 2010 to provide a way for everyone to experience restaurant quality Asian food with a modern twist, at takeaway prices – something often lacking in
the market. today, with nine stores in and around Brisbane and an ever–growing customer base, they are still as passionate as ever about their food.

New winter menu items include an aromatic Siam red curry with chickpeas and a reinvention of the iconic Japanese pork dish, tonkatsu. FantAsia’s Ginza tonkatsu is made with lightly battered crispy pork pieces coated in a rich, sweet and tangy sauce and served on a nest of shredded cabbage salad. the wide–ranging menu also includes light and fresh dumplings and hearty slow–cooked tokyo Beef.

With the health of their customers front of mind, FantAsia also offer extra vegetables to any dish as well as the option of ‘super rice’ – a delicious blend of grains and seeds for only $1 extra.

It’s FantAsia’s winning combination of wholesome, fast, fresh meals that won’t break the bank that will keep the queue of customers old and new stretching through the food court every lunch time.

– Style Magazine – Food + Drink – June 2015